run a simulation demonstration with landsepi

  seed = 5,
  strat = "MO",
  Nyears = 10,
  nTSpY = 120,
  videoMP4 = FALSE



an interger used as seed for Random Number Generator (default 12345).


a string specifying the deployment strategy: "MO" for mosaic of resistant cultivars, "MI" for intra-fied mixtures, "RO" for cultivar rotations, and "PY" for resistance gene pyramiding in a cultivar.


number of cropping seasons (years) to simulate.


number of time-steps (days) per cropping season.


a logical indicating if a video must be generated (TRUE, default) or not (FALSE).


A set of text files, graphics and a video showing epidemic dynamics.


In these examples on rust fungi of cereal crops, 2 completely efficient resistance sources (typical of major resistance genes) are deployed in the landscape according to one of the following strategies:

  • Mosaic: 3 pure crops (S + R1 + R2) with very high spatial aggregation.

  • Mixture: 1 pure susceptible crop + 1 mixture of two resistant cultivars, with high aggregation.

  • Rotation: 1 susceptible pure crop + 2 resistant crops in alternation every 2 years , with moderate aggregation.

  • Pyramiding: 1 susceptible crop + 1 pyramided cultivar in a fragmented landscape (low aggregation).

See also


if (FALSE) {
## Run demonstrations (in 10-year simulations) for different deployment strategies:
demo_landsepi(strat = "MO") ## for a mosaic of cultivars
demo_landsepi(strat = "MI") ## for a mixture of cultivars
demo_landsepi(strat = "RO") ## for a rotation of cultivars
demo_landsepi(strat = "PY") ## for a pyramid of resistance genes